Go Vertical – The New Way Of Filmmaking

Go Vertical – The New Way Of Filmmaking

To all true videographers and filmmakers: Be brave. What you are about to hear will be disturbing and perhaps shake your faith – or literally spoken, spin your world around.


9:16 is the new 16:9!

The respectable NiemanLab just proclaimed that vertical videos aka tall-screen videos are “becoming more popular”, and that is despite our best efforts to prevent their spread. Obviously, staring at ugly black bars left and right for some is appealing, which is no surprise with regard to the popularity of Meerkat, Periscope or Vine. We all know that humans rapidly adapt to almost everything …




Truth is that vertical videos already have found their way into Hollywood, though they normally are used in the found-footage context. A full-length movie shot in 9:16 cannot be ruled out but will stay an exception as long as movie theatres are not equipped with a vertical screen. (Who knows what the future brings? Maybe rotatable screens?)


But Australians are already one step ahead. This year the 2nd Vertical Film Festival will celebrate this new way of filmmaking in Katoomba, which is a small town with a population of 8000. Those who have never tried to intentionally shoot the “wrong way” find handy tips on the festival’s webpage. And before you start to claim that recording in portrait format is easy, think about all cameras that are not part of a smartphone.




So yes, vertical video is indeed an interesting format to play with (read the NiemanLab article for example) but no, we don’t need to see them all the time.