Gadget Of The Week: Arrow – The Smartwatch With A Camera

Gadget Of The Week: Arrow – The Smartwatch With A Camera

Today I was wondering about which device should become our “Gadget of the Week”. Unfortunately this year’s MWC did not present too many interesting novelties so there was no choice to pick from. Then, out of nowhere, James Bond came to my mind – and the question whether there is a (new) smartwatch that can take pictures?


Taking Pictures But Not Making Pictures

The answer is, of course, there are smartwatches that can take pictures. In fact, even the most rudimentary smartwatches (e.g. Weloop Tommy) can do that by remote controlling the connected devices. But built-in cameras are still, and will most likely stay, an exception.




The most prominent but already outdated smartwatch that offers that feature is the Samsung Gear 2. Chinese Knock-Offs (e.g. GV18) of this device are the go-to alternatives when a built-in camera is a must-have criteria. Besides there’s the Kidizoom, a smartwatch for children, that has a 0.3 MP camera. (Last year a pro photographer was challenged to use this exact camera, the outcome can be found here.)


This Smartwatch Has A Camera

The Arrow smartwatch is an exception for the camera is what makes it stand out amongst the masses. Built-into a rotating bezel (as usually found on diving watches) the Arrow camera is able to rotate 360-degree. This design innovation turns the smartwatch camera into a usable thing and not just a funny gimmick.




The rest of the Arrow also looks good but is no selling point: Like most new Android operated smartwatches it has a circular screen and can be charged wirelessly on the Qi charging pad. And that’s all there’s actually to say at the moment.


Like so often, our “Gadget of the Week” hasn’t hit the stores – and probably will never. (The company stopped their social media activities.) Which is sad since building a smartwatch with a good camera – at least 8 MP were planned – still seems to be a good idea.

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