Gadget Of The Week: GoPet – A Livestreaming Camera For Your Dog (+ Alternatives)

Gadget Of The Week: GoPet – A Livestreaming Camera For Your Dog (+ Alternatives)

Until now, our article about pet cameras, or more specifically camera mounting systems for pets, belongs to this blogs most read articles of all time; albeit the never-ending technological progress should have yielded more advanced solutions in the meantime. Didn’t it?


Cameras For Pets

continue to be treated like a niche product, most probably because they are just that. Nevertheless, this hasn’t kept people away from developing cameras that are attached to a collar.


Thanks to its catchy name the “Petcam” from Eyenimal is still the best known of its kind. Others, such as the “Pet’s Eye View Camera” (National Geographic) are comparable, without offering a crucial purchase argument. Then there was the Motorola Scout 5000 in 2015, an elegant, technological sophisticated pet camera that – maybe because of its price tag – couldn’t win the hearts of dog lovers. Now, under the VerveLife brand, Motorola has built a new dog wearable called “Retrieve” – without camera.

Pet Camera In Development

We wouldn’t say that the GoPet is the best pet camera on the market, obviously, because it is not on the market. Like PawsCam, another competitor, the Miami-based creators are still hoping to attract funding.


If the camera will deliver all features promised, the GoPet is worth a look. Above all, the live streaming function is a cool thing – though, in reality, it will likely turn out to be boring. Another function, between amusing and useful, is sending a voicemail to your dog, and vice versa. Of course, the GoPet also offers the most important feature for concerned “parents”: a distance alert.

Sadly, the project site on Indiegogo, as well as the website, don’t give away much information about the GoPet except product renderings.






pet owners are always well-advised to buy action cameras for humans and use them with pet collars or harnesses. (Read our 2014 article.)

For more interactivity home cameras with built-in treat dispensers (Petzi, Pawbo, Petbot) are a great choice – but let’s take a closer look on those another time.