“Foodporn” Apps: Food Photography Made Easy

“Foodporn” Apps: Food Photography Made Easy

The newest product in the line of Line apps is called Foodie. As the name indicates, the application focuses – literally – on food.
The issue with specialized camera apps is always the same: There is no consent amongst users about whether they are useful or expendable. If you belong to the I-Need-An-App-For-Every-Purpose group, this article is for you.


Foodie (LINE Corporation)

Since Foodie is part of the big Line family, you can be sure that the camera app serves its purpose well while being handy and trendy. The main feature is the selection of filters (24+) that are supposed to put your meal in the right light. But the one feature that could make Foodie actually useful is its best angle feature. This helps the photographer to position the camera flat above the table.


Foodie by LINE


Apps For Foodlovers

Line’s Foodie is not the only foodporn app on the market. Yummy Effect (addquick) and Food Selfie (YourELink Inc.) provide similar functions but, especially the latter, cannot compete with it.

Snapdish by Vuzz

Another category on the market are “food photo sharing apps” whose purpose is to connect food photographers with friends, for instance, Photo Meal Lebensmittel-Kamera (jpeg) and Foonit (Foonit), and furthermore Snapdish (Vuzz Inc.) which also offers lots of cooking inspirations.

InstaFood Lite/Pro (byss mobile) is playing in a very different league; it’s more like a Foursquare-meets-Instagram application. The main feature is the selection of skins (hipster-style overlays) in addition to location information.


Foodie & Snapdish = Kawaii

At the moment, Japan rules the world of food lovers: Foodie is the food camera app of choice whereas Snapdish is the alternative for those who also like to cook and meet like-minded people.


Even though taking food photos and sharing them with friends is a fun thing to do, sharing a meal with hungry children is pure enjoyment. Therefore, I would like to call attention to ShareTheMeal. The mobile app by the United Nation’s World Food Programme allows you to donate easily a few cents to children in need.