Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 10: Spring

Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 10: Spring

It is not unusual for people to use terms and words without being aware of their meaning. When planning this week’s photo challenge, my idea was to use “Spring Awakening”, the English translation of the German “Frühlingserwachen” as the title. But while searching for a better translation, I became aware of the ambiguity of the term.


“Frühlings Erwachen” (Spring Awakening or The Awakening of Spring, 1891) is the name of a satirical play by Frank Wedekind that deals with topics which, even today, can be seen as controversial: sex, abortion, suicide. Even worse is the meaning of “Spring Awakening” in the historical context. It refers to the Plattenseeoffensive (Plattensee Offensive, 1945), the last major German offensive of World War II. And, coincidence or not, a for women-only exhibition in Hamburg with the name “Frühlingserwachen” recently made headlines for its possible connection to the Salafist movement.


So, because of all that, this week’s photo challenge is simply called “Spring” although it is about photographing the first faces of spring. In fact, from an astronomical point of view, spring has not yet begun whilst the meteorological spring started not so long ago.

Those of you with a garden or/and pets – rabbits 😉 in particular – will have probably noticed already.


You are all called to action once again. Watch out for the beautiful messengers of spring and take a pic.


The faces of spring:

Flowers Blooming
Flowers blooming …


Happy People
Happy People


Time To Be Active
Time to be active again


Of course ...
Of course …