Gadget Of The Week: Sioeye – The Live Streaming Actioncam That Needs No Smartphone

Gadget Of The Week: Sioeye – The Live Streaming Actioncam That Needs No Smartphone

Some of you may wonder why we introduce a product whose Kickstarter campaign was cancelled. Like many before, the Seattle-based Startup Sioeye Inc. learned the hard way that crowdfunding is not the solution for everything. But the lack of success on Kickstarter has not prevented the team from following their dream, and so, just three months later, the official e-store is open for business.


So What Is Sioeye?

My first reaction to the Sioeye (sigh-oh-eye) camera was to dismiss it as just another Chinese GoPro knockoff, partly because of the design, in particular because of the name and its typo. IT’S NOT.
Okay, the camera has probably not enough innovative features to disrupt the camera market, but it has lots of potentials.
Let’s start with the most important point: Since the Sioeye is running with Android 4.4 it is an independent device where you can install apps from Google Play. The Octa-core CPU should be good enough for a smoothly running system albeit the small 2” LCD touch display and 1GB storage won’t turn the Sioeye into a real smartphone alternative. Well, it could be since – besides WiFi – the camera offers mobile data connection. The latter is the reason Sioeye should have deserved more attention from the crowdfunding community. The SIM card slot is intended to provide live streaming through 4G, which is easier (and smartphone battery friendly) than handling with two devices.




Camera Specs

The 1.75×2.5 inches camera has a 150-degree field of view, F2.8 aperture and up to 18 megapixels. Video can be recorded in 4K (480p while live streaming) while audio is recorded in stereo.
Next to the physical LiveCapture button a MicroSD slot, a MicroUSB (MHL) port and a 3.5mm jack can be found.


What’s Good, What’s Bad

As said before, having a camera that needs no smartphone for live streaming is a great thing. What’s less good is that users depend on the Sioeye platform, especially their cloud services to use live streaming.
The Sioeye camera costs $499, including a waterproof case, an extra antenna and adhesive mounts. (See picture below.)


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