Photography On A Bookshelf: 3 New Books For Your Collection

Photography On A Bookshelf: 3 New Books For Your Collection

Boogie: A Wah Do Dem

In his latest monograph, Serbian photographer Boogie takes us on a journey to Jamaica. The images that have no captions were shot during several trips to Kingston, “where poverty, violence and crime are often dominant elements of daily life”.

His raw photographic style and the closeness to the subjects (Boogie travelled with befriended gangsters and shadowed cops) give “A Wah Do Dem” (slang, “What’s the matter with them?”) an authentic and unbiased look.



Publisher: Drago Arts and Communication

Publication Date: October 2015

Pages: 124

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Stuart Franklin: The Documentary Impulse

This new book by photographer Stuart Franklin explores the history of documentary photography as well as its future in a world where manipulation has become common.

“This book traces what I shall call the documentary impulse. Here I mean the passion to record, with fidelity, the moments we experience and wish to preserve, the things we witness and might want to reform; or simply the people, places or things we find remarkable… Photography (and journalism) practised respectfully has the power to educate us all towards a greater understanding and empathy towards others.”



Publisher: Phaidon Press

Publication Date: April 2016

Pages: 216

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Gary Harwood & David Foster: Tiger Legacy, Stories of Massillon Football

The book “Tiger Legacy” is different. It’s the result of the collaboration between a football team and its fans, between teachers and students, between an engaging community and virtual backers.

Funded through Kickstarter, the Daylight publication brings us to Massillon, Ohio – an American city famous for the Massillon Tigers, a high school football team known for its successes as well as their rivalry with the Canton McKinley High School Bulldogs.



Publisher: Daylight Books

Publication Date: July 2016

Pages: 200

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