Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 11: Re-Photograph

Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 11: Re-Photograph

Six weeks ago The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) launched its first MOOC for a general audience on Coursera. It is admirable what a wonderful job they did whilst offering the course for free.


I personally enjoyed spending a few hours per week on learning more about photography, getting to know artists I’ve never heard of and, as a non-native speaker, working through complicated text passages. (I will need to re-read the Writings by Robert Heinecken one day.)


Week 6 of Seeing Through Photographs dealt with other forms of photography including camera-less photographs (Photograms, Schadographs, Rayographs) and appropriation (Martha Rosler, Thomas Ruff, Richard Prince).


In remembrance of wonderful weeks that someday – hopefully – will be continued, this week’s photo challenge celebrates great photographs through appropriation. And since we are always trying to make our challenges uncomplex, we focus on the art of re-photography (not in this sense) as mastered by Richard Prince – amateur-style. What does that mean? Take your smartphone (better choice for quick editing) and take a photograph of a great photograph. Feel free to choose one of the images used in Seeing Through Photographs but if you haven’t enrolled: Shame on you! We told you to do so! Just kidding …

After re-photographing you can – though it’s not essential – use editing software to manipulate the picture. Have a nice week!


PS: Due to copyright restrictions we are not able to include examples. Visit Thomas Ruff on MoMA and Martha Rosler on MoMA as a source of inspiration.