Gadget Of The Week: Casio’s Newest Selfie Camera

Gadget Of The Week: Casio’s Newest Selfie Camera

In 2014 Casio’s EX-MR1 aka Kawaii Selfie by Mirror Cam became, with a wink, our Gadget Of The Week. Since then Casio’s selfie cameras haven’t found their way from a niche to a mass market, thus they are still intended for the Asian market exclusively.

The latest product in the range of the so-called Life Style cameras is the EX-TR70 that features – like all TR models – a rotating frame and monitor and, of course, make-up mode.



The hardware consists of a 1/1.7-inch CMOS image sensor with 11.1 megapixels. There’s a 4.58mm lens with the aperture of F2.8, a 4x digital zoom and a LED light (instead of flash). The more than tiny built-in memory can be expanded via microSD.

Movies are recorded in Full HD, HD and HS240. The maximum recording time per file is limited to 29 minutes whereas the battery lasts (in Full HD mode) for 1 hour 10 minutes.



The most prominent feature of the TR-series is the rotating frame and monitor that turns the camera effortlessly into a selfie-taking apparatus. The frame comes handy for it can be used as grip and stand, making self-recording much easier.

But of course the beautifying software is what makes the high-priced EX-TR70 attractive, especially the skin brightening effect. A new feature introduced by this camera is a make-up mode for videos – perfect for instant sharing via Facebook and the like.

With EXILIM Auto Transfer, using Bluetooth or WiFi, images are automatically transferred to the user’s smartphone.




The legitimate question is:

Why should someone spend money, in this case more than $800, for something an iPhone can do? But then you could pose the same question with regard to every kind of camera.

The EX-TR70, though advertised as selfie-camera, is actually an interesting device for Vloggers who want to look good. (Unfortunately it has just a monaural microphone.) And it’s made for people who love elegant design and easy handling.