Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 12: Be A Photojournalist

Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 12: Be A Photojournalist

What do Tintin, Clark Kent and April O’Neil have in common? They are all fictional characters from comics, of course. Furthermore, and that’s the point, they all earn their living as reporters. Though it is a secret how they manage to keep their jobs while doing everything but working.


The profession of the reporter has frequently been chosen by comic book heroes whereas the position of the photojournalist or cameraman seems to belong to the sidekick only. (Peter Parker is an exception to that rule but he is only a freelance photographer to pay for his studies and become a scientist one day.)

Comic books reflect the reality of our world, hence presenting the journalist as more important than the photojournalist is realistic – which doesn’t mean it is fair.


In 2013 the French newspaper Libération removed all images from one of its November issues in support of photography. Just imagine your favourite news publication, either on- or offline, would not include any images …


This week we celebrate the sidekicks, all the Jimmy Olsens out there who are doing such a great work and are often the only reason we start to read an article. And we’re celebrating them by trying to do what they are doing: Finding news and tell it with a single picture!


Since we don’t expect (and don’t want you) to place yourself in danger, look out for everyday stories. It will be your job as a photographer to make them shine.

You’ll find inspiration in your newspaper. Take a look at the pictures and, maybe for the first time, become aware of the persons who shot them.