Gadget Of The Week: Charge Your GoPro On The Go & Wirelessly With MOTA

Gadget Of The Week: Charge Your GoPro On The Go & Wirelessly With MOTA

This new campaign on Kickstarter could be of interest for GoPro power users. The ChargerPro is an expandable camera dock that allows you to charge two GoPros at a time, or when chaining five ChargerPros together, ten GoPros without any cable clutter.  And though this camera dock could be our little hero in the future, our weekly crown goes to the MOTA.




No More Fiddling

The MOTA (actually “MOTA Wireless Charger For GoPro) is also a Kickstarter baby that was born in December 2014. Thanks to its backers you can buy it now for $139.99 on the official MOTA website, alongside toy trucks and gloves. Okay, the product range is a bit unusual … Nevertheless, the MOTA is a great charger not only because it is portable. It works with the housing on which – if you ever tried to open it with gloves or shaky hands you’ll agree – is just great. And it spares time which is even greater because you won’t miss a shot as a result of a drained battery.

The MOTA looks like, actually is, a portable charger optimized for the GoPro Hero 3 and 4. On top of the external battery pack (6,000 mAh) there is a charging stand which fits the GoPro even when the housing is still on. Next to it, there’s another charging station for a single GoPro battery. And if your smartphone battery is low too, there’s a USB port on the side for that, too. So how can it charge when the housing is on? This is made possible by the patent-pending USB dongle that makes any compatible GoPro battery ready for wireless charging. You just need to plug the MOTA Wireless Receiver into the GoPro’s USB port (before closing the case).




Of course, you will still be able to use the GoPro while charging though it will be hard to clip it on your helmet mount …