Job Opening: Social Media Interns / Out-of-the-box Thinkers (Virtual)

Job Opening: Social Media Interns / Out-of-the-box Thinkers (Virtual)

You have more Twitter followers than the average user?

You’re always the first to tell your friends about the latest buzz on Facebook?

You don’t just have a Google+ account but you actually use it?

If you can answer all questions with “yes” then we’re glad you have found us!


SellNews LLC is looking for Social Media Interns who would like to become part of a young and creative team whose simple goal is it to revolutionize news media.

Everyday millions of images are uploaded to social networks. That is millions of photos that vanish without getting much attention. And millions of pictures someone else would probably pay money for.

With our unique platform for newsworthy content SellNews ( is making it easy for everyone with a camera to sell their photos and videos to media outlets. We were the first to realise an auctioning platform for news related photos and videos open to amateurs and professionals. Now we are taking the next big step to make our platform even better. And for this endeavour we need passionate people who share our vision.


Your tasks will be:

  • Manage our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ …)
  • Moderate, comment and respond to users via SNS
  • Engage with the photography community, increase awareness for SellNews
  • Update website with news articles, blog posts and press releases
  • Research and monitoring


You bring:

  • Experience in using social media programs and platforms because you use them on a daily basis
  • You’re a good writer which not only means you’re orthographically and grammatically correct – you are also creative and love to write
  • Language skills: Our team is international thus our working language is English. If you want to talk to our dogs (company mascots) you will need to learn German because they were raised monolingual
  • Software skills: Using different kind of software is part of your daily work. Besides knowing how to handle office suites you should at least be a fast learner
  • Huge interest in photography and videography




What makes you perfect:

  • Already having experience in using WordPress and probably knowing a little HTML
  • Being a Photoshop king or queen
  • Interest and/or experience in new forms of digital marketing
  • Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese or Arabic skills
  • Being student or having a degree in journalism, photojournalism or marketing
  • You’re keen to work for a startup


This internship will be completely virtual. So as long as you’re fulfilling your tasks we don’t care whether you’re sitting in a nice café or wearing worn out joggers.

Of course, we don’t expect you to work for free. Besides gaining experience and receiving a nice letter of recommendation, your work will be compensated.


Interested? Just send an email to