Gadget Of The Week: Click Camera Holster (DLSR, GoPro, iPhone)

Gadget Of The Week: Click Camera Holster (DLSR, GoPro, iPhone)

This Kickstarter gadget, as simple as it seems, promises to be something I’ve always waited for: a camera holster that works with all my devices. Is the wait over at last?



A Camera Holster Isn’t Something New

Even though camera holsters with a clip system have existed for a long time now, iCam Design (a division of Turbo Ace) claims that its Click camera holster is the “world’s safest & fastest”.
To achieve that (theoretical) advantage, the Click has a large trigger for a quick one-hand release and a built-in funnel to place the camera easily into the holster.


But wait, let’s take a step back to discuss the benefits of holster systems.
Some of you probably wonder about the reason why anyone would like to have a bulky DSLR dangling from the hip. If you’re one of the few lucky people who don’t suffer from back or neck pain now and then, that’s a reasonable objection. For the majority, I dare assume, wearing a camera strap around the neck over a longer period is just uncomfortable. Therefore, using a holster that transfers the weight to the hip is a great alternative.
Convenience also plays a role in its further advantage: being able to move fast without struggling with a swinging camera, that almost certainly will get entangled.




The Click

The Premium, Elite and Ultimate Click package come with a travel belt, and also (except Premium) with a cushioned pro belt.
Of course, the holster can be used with any belt and, for instance, be mounted to a shoulder strap or backpack.
The difference to similar systems (Peak Design, Spider) is its compatibility with different devices such as the GoPro and the iPhone (6/6Plus/6s/6sPlus). But, and here’s the downside, the GoPro mount and the iPhone case are not included and will only be available after the campaign.




The price of the Click starts at $69 (Sports package). With 38 days to go, there is still enough time decide whether the Click is something you’ve always waited for.