Edit Your Photos Like A Hippo (Hip Pro)

Edit Your Photos Like A Hippo (Hip Pro)

The truth is until now I didn’t see any connection between hippos and photography. Others obviously do, since googling for “hippo photo” results in finding photo hippo, a photo processing specialist located in Burnley, and Smiley Hippo, a similar company from Norwich.


hippo3The reason I was looking for the seceret connection is Hippo (Pics), a new photography app that can be downloaded for free on the App Store.


“The world’s first collaborative photo gallery” is a bad choice for a slogan because it is misleading. Collaborative photo galleries are, of course, widely spread in the form of shared photo albums. You can share photos with friends via iCloud and Facebook, you could once do so by using Picasa and Carousel. And if you’re still looking for a stand-alone app for group albums, Eversnap is a good choice.

Hippo Pics is not that kind of collaborative photo gallery, it is – in fact – one of its kind.

Instead of creating photo albums with the collaboration of friends, Hippo Pics is an open space for like-minded people who share their love for photo editing. The app is the brainchild of Ellie Pritts, a successful freelance photographer who unquestionably is more than just an Instagram-filter aficionado.

Hippo not only gives you success to thousands of photos to play with, since some of Instagram’s biggest creatives are using the app (at least, that’s what is claimed) you can have your own photos edited by a pro.




When “real” photographers create an app, the outcome is usually great, The Photographer’s Ephemeris is the prime example. OKDOTHIS, though not as useful as TPE, at least was acquired by EyeFi. So there’s a certain chance that people will soon think of photo editing when seeing a hippo.