Gadget Of The Week: The new JVC Everio R Series

Gadget Of The Week: The new JVC Everio R Series

The JVC Everio series is for people who want more than just an action camera. It’s for people who prefer the physical experience a camcorder offers without sacrificing outdoor qualities such as waterproofness or shockproofness.

The newest models are – ordered by price/high to low – the GZ-RX615, the GZ-RX610, the GZ-R415 and the GZ-R410. Sadly, the camouflage look is only available for the R415 whereas spending a few bucks more on the RX610 or RX615 makes much more sense.

(Sorry, I’m not sure where the difference lies between R410 and R415 other than the colour. The RX615 and the RX610 differ from each other insofar that the former comes with a power LED video light.)


What The R Stands For

The R stands for “Ready for Everything”. It stands for resistance, robustness, and reliability.

Therefore the Everio cameras are housed in JVC’s Quad Proof casing which protects the inner parts from water (5m), from dust, from shocks (1.5m) and from freeze (-10 degree).

So let’s take a closer look at the RX610 and the RX615. What makes the two camcorders preferable to the low-priced models is the integrated 8GB storage and, more important, AVHCD recording and WiFi. WiFi, of course, is useful for live monitoring and remote recording, while also allowing wireless data transfer.




All models have a Konica Minolta lens with 40x optical zoom, a 37mm filter thread (!) and a long-lasting battery, that should be good for 5 hours continuous recording.

What all models lack is profound manual control, a removable battery, and 4K recording.


The JVC Everio Full-HD camcorder GZ-RX615 costs 429€, still a reasonable price for a waterproof camcorder. If the latter is all you care about, you can save money by buying the previous model.