Gadget Of The Week: Impossible I-1

Gadget Of The Week: Impossible I-1

This week’s gadget is for those who love instant photography and consider the old Polaroid the real deal. (As opposed to Polaroid’s latest efforts and Fujifilm Instax.) However, before raising unintended expectations, let’s start with this technical clarification: While the Impossible I-1 is the only new camera for the original Polaroid format, as stated on the company website, it is not a Polaroid camera by name.


Keeping Polaroid’s Legacy Alive

Anyone with a larger interest in instant photography should know Impossible, the company that bought Polaroid’s last remaining factory in 2008 and thus saved the 600, the SX-70 and the Spectra from becoming useless.

After having successfully re-invented Polaroid’s instant film and having become the go-to place for refurbished Polaroid cameras, Impossible is now on its way to conquer the instant camera market with its very own camera. Unlike the Instant Lab that’s more like a printer than a camera, the Impossible I-1 is a stand-alone camera.




The Impossible Secret

Truth is, information about the I-1 is rare and like everyone else, we’re eager to see what Impossible drops on May 10. (The people at PetaPixel obviously were luckier, we can only show you a few screenshots.)

What’s already revealed is the design, which is rather unusual. Well, let’s call it “interesting”. Like the Instant Lab the I-1 is black and pyramid-shaped. The look is dominated by the ring flash, also very unusual for a camera, the totally retro-style viewfinder on top, and the “control” button on the side.

Talking about control, this is where the I-1 is a bit disappointing. Though the button seems to offer more than just on/off (again, we don’t know), you will need to connect the camera to a smartphone in order to change settings like aperture, flash and shutter. Also, the companion app is currently only available for iOS so Android users won’t actually be able to adjust the camera to their liking.

What makes the I-1 probably better than a classic Polaroid is the rechargeable battery (via USB) though the question is whether it can be replaced or not?


According to sources, the Impossible I-1 will cost $299. For more info check the company website on May 10.