Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 16: On Two Wheels

Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 16: On Two Wheels

At the latest by May it’s time for our two wheeled rides to get out of the garage and hit the streets. But if warmer temperatures, more hours of sunshine and your own winter white skin can’t lure your lazy back away from the sofa, try it with sports channels. Watching the live broadcast of Paris-Roubaix, La Flèche Wallone or Giro d’Italia is – I speak from my own experience – a great motivation. Above all because the excessive interruptions can be so annoying, you’re on your own bike before the stage even ended.

Yet a bicycle is not the only kind of bike one can possess. Presumably, some of you wouldn’t even dare to call a bicycle a bike for a real bike is equipped with more horsepower, right?

Well, for our weekly photography challenge, we won’t be too narrow-minded. All we want you to do is to soak up the sun and while doing so, take a photo of a two wheeled ride, Hoverboards and balance bikes included.

It’s up to you, whether you’re focusing on the ride, just a part of it, a person on it, or the scenery around it. See how simple the task is? Now some ideas: