Gadget Of The Week: Phoxi Friends Camera Lens Wrap

Gadget Of The Week: Phoxi Friends Camera Lens Wrap

So yeah, instead of introducing just another iPhone grip that will turn your beloved smartphone into a camera-like device, we’ve decided to dedicate our weekly section to the Phoxi Friends. (However, if you’re more interested in the former, check the Pictar on Kickstarter.)

So what makes the Phoxi Friends better than the Pictar? They’re not; they’re not even real gadgets in the proper sense, but they’re something we don’t often have here: they’re toys.



Phoxi Fish, Dino, Squirrel & Co.

Phoxi Friends is a line of “lens wraps” that serve as tools when photographing children. As you may have experienced yourself, kids are not the best at sitting still, or doing what you were asking them to do. So taking a few images, which are neither blurred nor bizarre can be a fruitless undertaking sometimes … often … always. When no real friends are around to assist you at your shooting, the Phoxi Friends step in.

Ten different versions are currently available, the Phoxi Squirrel, Elephant, Caterpillar, Dino, Fish, Fox, Monkey, Penguin, Snail and Cat. (What? No Dog??) Each animal comes with a wire “tail” that you can wrap around your camera lens. The idea is that kids will automatically turn their attention towards the camera to that cute, colourful thing sitting there. But even if this simple trick doesn’t work – older children aren’t that easily fooled – you can just unwrap your Phoxi Friend’s tail and use it, for instance, to tickle your baby.

Naturally, this will also work with pets – such as cats and dogs – especially since the Phoxi Friends also come with a squeaker.

But when visual and audible stimulations are not capable to bring the best out of your subjects, well, try it with a faster shutter speed.