It’s Update-Time For Photo Apps

It’s almost impossible that you haven’t heard about Instagram’s new logo and design for, as one headline sums it up, “the entire world is still tearing Instagram’s horrible new look apart”. Redesigning the look of a brand has and will always be a challenge but experience shows that people will eventually calm down and fall in love with after a short settling-in period.

Meanwhile, Instagram is not the only photo application that’s been refreshed. Other players, among them Moments, the less popular Facebook child, Google Photos and Microsoft Photos have gotten updated.


New Instagram Vs. Old Instagram

Instagram attracted the greatest media attention with its overhauled design. But the company likely did not expect people to freak out over the black and white design and the entirely new purple-orange-pink icons (of course, Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout were redesigned, too.)

The famous Instagram logo, which has always been old-fashioned, is gone.  For good. Get over it.


Moments Worldwide Vs. Moments Europe

In case you don’t know, Moments is a photo-sharing app from Facebook that allows you to share or receive photos from friends. It’s similar to sharing and tagging photos via Facebook with the difference that the images are collected privately.

Due to privacy laws, the app had to undergo changes in order to be officially released in Europe and Canada. This also means that users from these countries will have to live with a “less intelligent” version. Instead of facial recognition, the European app uses another technology that recognizes forms and objects.


Google Photos Vs. Moments

In order to keep up with Facebook, Google has added smart suggestions and commenting to its still popular photo app simply called Google Photos. “Now, shared albums are getting smarter and more social.”

With other words: Google Photos won’t let Moments take away their users without a proper fight.


Facebook Vs. Snapchat

Facebook seems to work on a Snapchat contender. According to the Wall Street Journal, and various internet publications, the new stand-alone camera app will be developed by the MSQRD team, which is part of the company after being bought in early March.

It’s not the first time that Facebook tries to compete with Snapchat. When the CEO of the messaging service rejected Facebook’s acquisition offer a few years ago, the internet giant built the app Slingshot – without much success.


Microsoft Photos Vs. Being Left Behind

Last but not least, Microsoft has updated the Photos App for Windows 10. Now users can save still photos from videos, edit slow-motion videos via PC plus OneDrive is now better integrated.