Lenka – Not Just Another Photo App From A Celebrity

Lenka – Not Just Another Photo App From A Celebrity

We’re used to see celebrities as trendsetters, whether it is about fashion (retro rucksacks are still must-haves!), food (the good old milkshake celebrates a comeback) or even religion (don’t know what’s in now.) But there’s one territory only a few have discovered so far: the app stores. A look at the more popular celebrity apps shows that the targeted audience could not be more different. There’s “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”, a game made for the next generation of reality queens and then there’s “The Rock Clock”, a motivating alarm clock with cool sounds by Dwayne Johnson. (There’s never been a better Ring-Ring-Ring-Sound.)

The Lenka Black&White Cam is a little like the Tom Hanks’ Hanx Writer, with the difference that it combines simplicity and retro-charme for a better photography experience. Photographer Kevin Abosch, who recently sold “Potato #345” for $1.8 million, is the creator of Lenka. It’s not his first visit to digital grounds, in 2013 he created the platform Kwikdesk as a conceptual art-project.

However, his camera app is a small success regarding the ability of most apps to create black-and-white photos. With ten thousand downloads on Google Play (since 2015), the app has found many fans, but cannot yet rival class leader “BlackCam” by XNView (free for Android, $1.99 iOS). Both, by the way, are being developed in France.




Tapping on the Lenka icon (at least on my phone the resolution’s not right) opens the camera for instant shooting. The simple interface speaks for itself and shows all functions at once. The yellow lightbulb on top turns on the led light (if available) and allows illuminating your subjects without using the flash – a very useful tool that more camera apps should have.

At the bottom you find the gallery, the shutter button, flash control and two sliders, one for temperature, one for contrast. At this point, some might ask for filters, borders etc. There are no such things, the minimalistic design is made for people who prefer to focus on photography not post-editing. Well, you can still choose between full frame and square format (pinching fingers) and crop but if you’re looking for more options, BlackCam should be your first choice.

One easily sees that Lenka is well thought through. And the advantage of shooting black-and-white, let’s save this topic for later.