Gadget Of The Week: F.lens

Gadget Of The Week: F.lens

The F.lens (or just Flens) is a tiny, cool smartphone accessory that serves as a “flashlight booster for smartphones”.  The questions that inevitably come to mind are: So this is a flashlight? What is a booster? And why should I need it?


No, the F.lens is not a flashlight on its own.

The F.Lens is obviously too small to house all parts a flashlight would need to be functional, such as contacts, a lamp, a power source. This means, if your smartphone has not a built-in flashlight or LED light the F.Lens won’t be your saviour. Skip reading and google for external smartphone LEDs.




It “boosts” your smartphones light.

Your smartphone has a buit-in flashlight? Well, then you’re better off than most people since smartphone LED lights aren’t yet the standard – at least, in low end devices. But when you’re still unhappy with the light because it won’t light up distant objects, F.Lens can probably help you.

In order to boost a smartphone light, the F.Lens – which is made of aluminium and scratch-proof glass – must be applied onto the light. Now it can generate a tighter beam.




Why should you buy it?

There’s a reason why the LED lights of smartphones are not generating tighter beams: people usually use them to light up details around them or take pictures of nearby objects at night. So in most cases, the smartphone flashlights are good enough. However, the F.lens is practical for those who, for example, need a “stronger” flashlight or a more focused video light.


With a 19€ price tag the Italian made F.Lens is not really a give-away. And chances are high that cheap knock-offs will follow soon. But if you want the original flashlight booster (and do have a compatible device), you can now order the F.Lens via Kickstarter. Early backers will receive their F.Lens in July 2016.