Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 18: Clouds

Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 18: Clouds

We’re back with our weekly photo task and this time there’s no excuse for skipping. While our last challenges were a bit more, well, challenging with regard to motif finding, the theme of this week should be a photographic non-brainer: clouds.

For some of you, the thought of taking images of clouds might be conceived as too simple. Nothing a serious photographer would ever waste time on. Well, you’re wrong! Alfred Stieglitz, who – and here you will agree – was a master of modern photography, took a series of cloud photographs between 1925 and 1934. The series was named “Equivalents” for the images were meant to reflect Stieglitz’s inner world.

In 1992, right after viewing a Stieglitz exhibition at the Museum of Moder Art, artist Vik Muniz shot his own “Equivalents” series. However, instead of photographing the sky, Muniz directed his camera to the floor. The patterns on the marble MoMA floor were reminding him of the clouds he saw at the exhibition.

Nowadays, clouds are a popular motif for HDR photographers who transform the sky into surrealistic works of art.