Gadget Of The Week: GoHawk

Gadget Of The Week: GoHawk

If you’re looking for a remote trigger to control your GoPro, the GoPro Wi-Fi Smart Remote might be a great gadget when having your hands free. In action sports however, this is seldom the case. That’s where the GoHawk comes in: it’s a hands-free trigger with remote LED.

The GoHawk is the brainchild of Zac Rubenson (Poa Labs), a design engineer from Oregon who wants to bring his GoPro shooting system to the masses. He’s currently raising funds on Kickstarter in order to get the costs of production covered. This shouldn’t be a problem because the past has proven that a strong demand for GoPro accessories exists.

It takes a few seconds to fully see the advantages from the wired GoHawk over the wireless GoPro Wifi Smart Remote.




The most important part of the tiny, red expansion pack is the input jack which can be used with different kinds of shutter releases. However, these switches – handlebar switch, tongue switch and bite switch – are not included in all packages which means, if you want one, you’ll have to choose the right reward or buy one extra. Action sports photographers will be familiar with the mouth operated switches provided by Conceptus.

Another input is dedicated to the LED Indicator, a wire rope with a LED light which let’s you know if the GoPro is ready to shoot (blue light) or shooting (red light). Very simple but also very useful.

And then the GoHawk also has a Mini USB-input that can be used with an external battery pack for a longer shooting experience.

All in all, the GoHawk is a great addition for people who use their GoPro in extreme situations (like basejumping). The price for it ranges from $99 to $170 or, if you are interested in a Skydive course, $6,543. 😉

More info on Kickstarter >