Gadget Of The Week: Tiny 1

Gadget Of The Week: Tiny 1

Let me start with the bad news: the “Super Early Bird” and the “Early Bird” offers are already sold out. Good news is that there are 15 days left for pre-orders.


A Tiny Camera, A Huge Success

Pre-order what? One of the coolest new photography gadgets coming to us from Singapore, the Tiny1.  At the end of last year TinyMOS hit the news with its point-and-shoot camera for astrophotography. Now, a few months later, the Tiny1 has launched rocket-like on Indiegogo. Within just 4 hours it passed the original funding goal of $100,000. So why is everyone so excited about it?




Shoot For the Stars

Have you ever tried to capture a photograph of a full moon? If so you were likely disappointed of the outcome, a blurred yellow dot on a black backdrop.

Taking a picture of stars takes a lot more, not just more experience but better equipment. Which of course doesn’t mean you must spent $5,000 on a telescope such as the EdgeHD 14 from Celestron. (Except your goal is to become the next Thierry Legault.) For getting started with astrophotography a (D)SLR with a tripod has always been the cheaper and lighter entrance ticket. That was until TinyMOS introduced the Tiny1. It’s small, it’s affordable and it’s interactive.


The Tiny1

The Tiny1 is a bit bulkier than most point-and-shoot cameras and comes with only one mechanical button at the top. The most important part (for controls) is the 4.3” IPS panel that shows an interactive star map that uses augmented reality to tell you what you see. (Thanks to the built-in GPS, GLONASS and 3 axis sensors.)

This feature is what makes the Tiny1 the perfect companion for amateur stargazers as well as more ambitioned astrophotographers who can attach their lenses (even telescopes) to the pocket-sized camera. (More hardware info here >)




The Pre-Order Special includes a Tiny1 with a wide angle lens kit (28mm). Estimated delivery time is February 2017.


Tiny1 on Indiegogo >