No Money For Pro Equipment? Try KitSplit

No Money For Pro Equipment? Try KitSplit

KitSplit is one of the photography related startups you should keep your eye on. The “AirBNB of cameras”, as often referred to, allows users to easily rent and lend equipment.

Founded in 2014, the New York-based startup has created a user-friendly platform that brings gear owners and those who are in need for equipment together. The cool thing, of course, is that it makes the acquisition of expensive equipment – like a professional video camera – unnecessary as it does save people from wasting money on stuff they online need once. For example, let’s say you want to experiment with virtual reality but don’t know which headset is better. On KitSplit you currently find 17 Oculus Rift (starting at $15 per day), 10 HTC Vive (starting at $95) and 13 Samsung Gear VR (starting at $30 per day) headsets.

Needless to say that tech freaks who are looking for a chance to play around with new technologies aren’t the target audience. Professional filmmakers can pick from a range of top notch film cameras such as the Arri Amira and the RED Epic dragon while photographers can search for additional lenses (like a Canon 100-400mm or a Nikon 70-200.)




However, while the idea of creating a gear rental platform is one of the better outcomes of the share economy hype, there’s more room for improvement. Such as conquering the west coast including hot spot LA – according to KitSplit their top cities are New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Boston. (Since not every gear will be delivered, location is crucial.)

Also the website needs some fixes, not only the confusing navigation of the homepage but first of all the search function on the rental platform. You sometimes need to be tricky to get the right results.

Still, KitSplit is a nice platform that allows every creative to produce professional work on a low budget.