Gadget Of The Week: Matador Camera Base Layer

Gadget Of The Week: Matador Camera Base Layer

There are multiple ways for camera owners to carry their photographic equipment around. The choice should never be taken too lightly for it could impact usage e.g. to abstain from taking the “fragile” DSLR on a trip as a consequence of lacking a case or, on the contrary, to leave the camera behind as a result of a hefty camera bag.



Soft cases, often in the form of tight-fitting neoprene cases, are just right to skirt around this dilemma. Their light and easy to put on and off, yet they offer enough protection for the most part. The Matador Camera Base Layer is another possibility – with a few advantages.* The universal size with a rolltop design makes the purchase of another pouch after switching the camera model or lens unnecessary. An integrated fly keeps the camera dry in case of rain. (It shouldn’t be much of a problem to put an extra dry tube on for full waterproofness.)

From the outside, the Matador comes across like a tiny sleeping bag. The ultra light weight material (only 68 grams!) is covered in a chic quilted, grey fabric with leather details.

According to the website, most DSLRS cameras will fit, if unsure anyone interested in the $59.99 “bag” can contact the customer service.




* With regard to common neoprene pouches.