Gadget Of The Week: SIGMA sd Quattro

Gadget Of The Week: SIGMA sd Quattro

Readers who are old enough will immediately think of Audi when reading the word Quattro. In 1998, in those days when people still watched TV ads due to the lack of alternatives, the Tracks commercial – Inuit grandfather and grandson looking at animal tracks – etched “Quattro” into the collective memory.

It’s rather unlikely that this will change when the SIGMA sd Quattro DSLMs are finally available this July. Not just because the Japanese company is mainly known for its camera lenses but also because SIGMA prides itself for not having Super Bowl commercials and paid celebrities to endorse their products.




Buying a SIGMA camera is a bit like buying a Leica (no outrage, please!) – you choose it over market leaders such as Canon, Nikon and Sony because you believe in the quality of the product. And quality is what you can expect from SIGMA’s newest digital cameras.

The SIGMA sd Quattro is a mirrorless digital camera that comes in two versions and as such positions itself between SIGMA’s flagship DSLR, the SD1 Merrill and the dp series. As the name suggests, the DSLM is equipped with  SIGMA’s own Foveon X3 (Quattro) sensor with 33MP (sd Quattro) or 44MP (sd Quattro H) and, of course, a SIGMA SA bayonet mount for interchangeable lenses.



Other specs are:

Image Sensor > 23.4×15.5mm

File Format > RAW, JPEG

Viewfinder > Electronic with 2,360,000 dots color LCD

Focus > Auto, Manual

ISO > 100 – 6400

Shutter Speed > 1/4000 – 30 sec.

Size > 147x95x91mm

Weight > 625g

The SIGMA sd Quattro doesn’t come with a built-in flash – sorry, point-and-shooters – but instead with a hot shoe for flashes. (Guess, where you can buy one?) The camera can be connected via USB 3.0, HDMI mini and accepts SD, SDHC and SDXC.

The price for the “smaller” version starts at $799 (body only) – we don’t have any information when and with which price tag the SIGMA sd Quattro H will come.