Gadget Of The Week: edelkrone StandPlus

Gadget Of The Week: edelkrone StandPlus

Is it a jib? Is it a tripod? Nah, it’s a new edelkrone product! As with many gadgets before, the European producer of filmmaking solutions has again proven to be one of the most innovative companies in this field.




Yeah, I’m a sucker for tripods and will always make new ones our “Gadget Of The Week” – first and foremost because I don’t own a decent one. I have an old Cullmann tripod – a gift from a relative – that’s probably been bought in the 70s and therefore is far from being lightweight. I do have a lightweight Hama tripod, I only bought because it was cheap but it can’t carry the weight of my DSLR (with speedlite and lens). And I also have a CD-R King monopod, bought on vacation, that’s never been used. You see, I definitely need a new one. One that’s so easy to set so I’ll actually use it. And of course, it should be light.




The Not-A-Tripod Tripod

That’s why the StandPlus immediately caught my attention. From what can be seen in the videos (web videos are the only source of information right now) this innovative tripod easily folds and unfolds within seconds.

The StandPlus is equipped with three wheeled-feet that carry three foldable arms. Unfolded, the StandPlus seems to reach a standard height (between 48” and 60”) but not much higher. Another “downside”, which shouldn’t be unmentioned, is that it’s designed for flat grounds. Here is where the StandPlus will be a great assistant thanks to the wheels. Obviously, the StandPlus was built with the videographer in mind. A handle, found next to the camera plate, also serves as drag head.




At NAB 2016 edelkrone introduced a prototype of the StandPlus, saying that the final product is going to be much lighter.

Since edelkrone is still working on the StandPlus, there’s no info about weight, price and the release date – though edelkrone told me it is expected to be released within a month or two. However, if you own a lightweight camera (the StandPlus is designed for cameras up to 6 lbs) and are considering to give this cool no-tripod tripod by edelkrone a try, you can sign up on their webpage to get notified when it’s available.