Photo Challenge 2016: Week 23 – Train for GISHWHES

Photo Challenge 2016: Week 23 – Train for GISHWHES

Last Friday Kitty (who, as you might have noticed, is quite new to our team) wrote about “The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen”, short GISHWHES.  Though I will probably never have the guts to do crazy stuff like that, I’m still totally excited by the idea itself – and really hope that Kitty will share some photos with us. 😉

In German, the translation of the word scavenger hunt is Schnitzeljagd. Which actually means schnitzel hunt! But don’t ask me why – I assure you they’re normally veggie friendly.

Back to this week’s challenge. Since I’m so uncreative, I’ll assign you following task: Pick an image task from the GISHWHES 2015 Item list in preparation of GISHWHES 2016. (You have 4 days left to register >)

Here are some examples:

  • Love is in the air. Let’s see you and your lover elegantly dressed and enjoying a romantic moment under a weeping willow in a rowboat. One of you must be serenading the other with a cheese-puff-adorned musical instrument.
  • Turn your living room into a giant snow globe with fun props and falling “snow.”
  • As you know, William Shatner loves to take Civil War reenactment photos. Pose with him in full regalia. Just to be clear, both of you must wear period attire. If Bill is too grumpy to do it for you, you can get ANY Star Trek actor from any broadcast TV or movie iteration of the show.