Gadget Of The Week: Frodo

Gadget Of The Week: Frodo

Let’s be honest: At first sight the Frodo doesn’t look like it would ever come close to be “The GoPro Slayer” Condé Nast obviously has called it (according to the Indiegogo campaign page). First and foremost because it looks like a bulky, toy-like smartwatch – without being that much smart. But given a second chance (and look), the Frodo does actually seem like a proper action camera.




Forget The Watch-Design

The most disturbing point about Frodo is its design in combination with its purpose. Why should someone wear a camera like a watch? The answer is: no one actually does. The wristband is more like a universal mounting system that can be worn like a watch – but also on a helmet, a handle bar or whatever there exists. So the Frodo is actually a pretty small outdoor camera coming with its own mount.

The main feature that makes the Frodo interesting – since the camera itself is okay, but average (FullHD, 1080p, 30fps, FOV 120, 8MP, f/2.6) – is the auto editing software based on an intelligent algorithm. It uses optical and motion data plus face detection to detect the video sequences that have the highest action. The automatically edited and generated videos can then instantly be shared. And for those moments, when action isn’t the most important thing, Frodo offers 5 different auto-editing styles – Genius, Action, Calm, People, 15 Sec.




Frodo was successfully funded via Indiegogo in May 2016 and is now In-Demand. The 32GB version can still be ordered at a special price of $199.