Gadget Of The Week: CASE Remote Air

Gadget Of The Week: CASE Remote Air

New on my constantly growing wishlist is the CASE Remote Air which is a Wifi remote controller for DSLRs. Though we’re talking again about a crowdfunding product, the team behind it is not new to the game. The Air is actually the third generation of camera controllers from CheeringTech coming in a much smaller size and with a better Wifi signal.




Make Your DSLR Smarter

For non-photographers this might sound like a joke, but even in 2016 a built-in Wifi in cameras has not yet become a standard. Even in flagship DSLRs. That’s why cheaper alternatives like Wifi SD cards are still relevant. And why even pro photographers are using their smartphones now and then.

If you miss the simplicity of handling a smartphone camera and the option to share your creations as fast as possible (and probably are a disappiointed EyeFi user), a camera remote controller is your answer.

The CASE Remote Air is not the first of its kind and CheeringTech is definitely not the only manufacturer of Wifi controllers but, according to them, the Air is currently the smallest device on the market. With only 2.4 x 1.6 x 0.4 inches and 50g the Air is indeed a mighty dwarf.




For operation, the CASE Remote Air can but doesn’t need to be mounted on the hot shoe (so yes, you can use it with a speedlight) and is connected to the camera via USB. Compatible are Mini USB, Micro USB 2.0 and Micro USB 3.0. Though having one of these connections doesn’t mean the Air will work with your DSLR; a Nikon or a Canon camera are required, a list of supported models should be consulted before order.

After the connection is established and the app (iOS, mac OS, Android, Windows) downloaded, the DSLR can immediately be “fully” operated remotely, including live-view (unfortunately not working on my 5100), parameter setting and extra features such as viewing the histogram and sharing.

Not only is the size of the Air competitive but also its price. There are still 18 days left to save a few dollars and pre-order the CASE Remote Air for $84.