Finally a Way to Buy Time … Somehow

Finally a Way to Buy Time … Somehow

Do you remember that guy who sold the pixels of his website as advertising space? Alex Tew, the crazy genius behind the Million Dollar Homepage (, achieved his goal to make a million (a bit more, actually) to finance his university education with a weird idea and the power of the internet. This was in 2005, today someone with Tew’s ambitions would probably start a crowdfunding campaign or create a viral web video.

Or, like in the case of picasecond, come up with a similar crazy idea. And the idea is: selling time!


picasecond screenshot


Selling What?

When I first saw I thought of it as some kind of photo platform that sells photos – because that’s what photo platforms that sell stuff normally do, right? But I couldn’t have been more wrong about it. Andreas Ecker, the creator, sells you advertising time on his website.

So, let’s say you have a cool blog that you’d like to promote, then you could go to picasecond and literally pick the second – hour, minute and second – when your ad (=photo + link) should be displayed every day. Of course, you could choose to have your ad be displayed a second longer which would double the price. 1 second costs 1 Euro – at least for now, the price is higher when time/space gets rarer.


I’m not sure the idea is crazy or great. In any case, it’s fun. Especially when people will use it for non-commercial stuff such as a declaration of love. 😉