What We Don’t Know About GoPro Hero5 …

What We Don’t Know About GoPro Hero5 …

is almost everything and still a leaked Vimeo video, posted on Reddit this week, fuelled rumours about the next GoPro flagship device. What we can say, even though no one from GoPro has confirmed, is that we can expect to see a GoPro Hero5 in the near future … ahem.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise since the previous Hero camera was released in 2014, and while the smaller Hero Session debuted last year, GoPro fans are eager to finally get their hands on a true, new Hero device.

Expectations are high, reaching from 8K video recording and better battery life to dual-lenses and advanced waterproofness. And the aforementioned video has neither been able to confirm or deny speculations.


The Hero Session from 2015 is the latest GoPro camera.


What We “Know” From The Video

If we are to believe the video shows the Hero5, the next GoPro will come with a large touchscreen on the back. It’s very likely that GoPro will finally equip all models in the 5 series with a touchscreen, instead of just the lower end models – just because it makes so much more sense.

What also caught lots of attention is the mentioning of something called “GoPro Sniper” though no one has a clue what this is.

If you are interested in all the rumours surrounding the upcoming Hero5, here’s a great article covering all speculations.


Different manufacturers successfully entered the market. Here’s the YI 4K.


While Everyone Is Talking About Better Hardware …

I believe the coolest upcoming Hero5 features will be found within the software. So, actually, that’s no real guessing since Nick Woodman extensively talked about this issue with the Verge. Virtual reality will definitely be a thing – so maybe we get a GoPro Hero5 Bundle with a VR Headset? Or at least a clever stitching software to create immersive shots without using the Omni?

There could also be some integrated live-streaming service (will it probably come with LTE like the Sioeye?), and of course, I would bet on a smart editing-algorithm that will instantly turn every shot into a masterpiece using all kinds of sensors.