Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 26: Stay Focused

Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 26: Stay Focused

I recently installed one fabulous app that helps people (with an Android device) to build healthy rituals into their life. Since then, at the same time every morning, I’m getting notified to stay focused on my to-do list.




“Stay focused” is also your task this week, though you’re supposed to do it with your camera. If you think that’s too easy, try to do it with a crappy autofocus or a smartphone camera (like my old budget Lumia) that is set to infinity.




Which means, if you struggle with snapping a picture of a subject in focus (against a blurred background), try to:

  • Play around with macro mode if available
  • Take a fabulous, sharp photo and re-focus using an app
  • Buy a Lytro 😉

If you’re interested in topics like depth of field or autofocus, go on reading here and here.

Happy snapping!