Gadget Of The Week: Mine Kafon Drone

Gadget Of The Week: Mine Kafon Drone

3 years, 4.169 supporters and 119.456£ funding later Mine Kafon is back on Kickstarter. This time with the newest technologies on board, including a 3D mapping system and a drone body.

But let’s take a few steps back to the beginning of 2013. That’s when Massoud Hassani, a Dutchman of Afghan origin, introduced his Mine Kafon to the world. His demining system that looked like a big dandelion was supposed to clear all land mines around the world. (Egypt holds the Guiness World Record for “Most landmines per country”.) Now he’s back with a whole new technology.




Like so many crowdfunded charity/science projects (see Snotbot) before, Hassani wants to use drones to reach his goal. And that is to free the world of landmines. His Mine Kafon drone is said to be 20 times faster than current demining technologies.

That’s how it works: First, the drone flies over an area to create a map. In a second step, a robotic metal detecting arm scans and tags the mine locations. And finally, in the last step, the drone places detonators on every detected mine.

Despite criticism for his last project – experts weren’t convinced by the results – Massoud Hassani can look forward to just another successful Kickstarter. Though 21 days are left, the project already reached its first funding goal. (The stretch goal is set to 130K.)

Of course, the Mine Kafon Drone is no typical “Gadget Of The Week” – but it’s one really worth spending money on.