Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 27: Back to School

Photo Challenge 2016 – Week 27: Back to School

For many Americans, this week is when kids say goodbye to summer vacation and hello to pencils, books, and big yellow buses. While you may have attended private school, boarding school, or even been homeschooled, nearly everyone has some memories of their school days. Whether you’re a student going back yourself, a parent sending off your children, or just an adult feeling a bit nostalgic, this week’s challenge is to grab your camera and head back to school.

If you have kids, you might consider following in the footsteps of this Alabama mom, whose annual “most wonderful time of the year” photos have gained media attention. Publicly embarrassing your children is, after all, part of the job. If you’re a bit camera-shy, perhaps let your kids be the stars instead. Snap a photo of them waiting for the bus or showing off all their new back-to-school-sale gear. If you don’t have or know any kids (or if yours are all grown up), take a trip down memory lane and visit your old school for a nostalgic photo walk. The possibilities here are really endless.


Don’t forget, whether the kids in your photos are yours or someone else’s, make sure you have permission and be conscientious about where you post. And don’t post photos online of anyone’s kids next to anything that might reveal their location or place of residence. Remember the three golden rules I learned while I was in school: Be respectful, be responsible, be safe.

Have a great week!