Gadget Of The Week: MeCam

Gadget Of The Week: MeCam

News of the past months might have inspired you to wear a camera for the purpose of self defence. Well, you could ask your local police officer for his or hers since wearing a body camera seems to be unpopular, buy one very expensive like the Marantz Professional PMD-901V yourself, or you can use your action camera (in case you own one).

The problem is those gadgets are too massive, too sporty or just too obvious. That’s where lifelogging cameras come in. Companies such as OMG Life Limited (“Autographer”) and Narrative AB (“Narrative Clip”) introduced their wearable cameras well before police incidents (nicely said) hit the news en masse. When wearing a camera 24/7 seemed to be a dystopian imagination.

It’s probably not.


Wear It With Color

For whatever reason you might look for a tiny, wearable camera, the MeCam Classic should be on your shortlist. With the size of two inches in diameter and the weight of one ounce, this wearable camera comes in handy. It looks like a plasticky Misfit fitness tracker but instead of tracking you, it tracks the world around you.

The camera has a video resolution of 720p/30fps and 1080p/15fps and 5 megapixels for still pictures. Infrared LED lights make it possible to capture in low-light conditions and the Li-Ion battery allows to record 80 minutes continuously.




Built-in are 8GB of memory that are expandable to 32GB.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to wirelessly upload recordings due to the lack of Bluetooth or Wifi. But at least, the MeCam Classic is available in more than one colour: black, white, blue, green and pink.

No matter which colour you chose, the MeCam Classic will cost you $69.99 plus additional $17.95 for worldwide shipping.