Friday Photo News

Friday Photo News

The sun is shining, we haven’t had any terrorist attack in a week (at least in Germany); thus we can say, everything has gone back to normal.

Seriously. You know that the world is still okay (meaning: mostly peaceful) when things like following make big news: Justin Bieber deactivated his Instagram account! I’m no Belieber and I don’t own an Instagram account and still I know that he did that. In fact, I even knew about him threatening to do so. If that turns out to be some PR stunt (the account of his girlfriend is still active!) then it’s a great one.

But honestly, there are more important things in the world than a singer who disgruntles 78 million followers (yes, you heard right!). Here’s one thing – also from Canada: Canada’s Best Restroom Contest.




No, that’s no joke either. Cintas Canada Ltd. is looking for the most selfie-worthy restroom in Canada. So if you know about a cool restroom up north, you still have time through August 26 for nomination. Previous winners include the restroom of the Valleyview Shell Super Station (2013) and the Langley Street Loo (2012). I really wonder if Canada’s restrooms are cooler than the German ones?

With that, I’ll be gone for the weekend. #TGIF