Last But Not Least: Photo Gadgets You Might Have Missed 2016

Last But Not Least: Photo Gadgets You Might Have Missed 2016

It’s been a while since we had our last “Gadget of the Week”. That’s why we will now have a look at all of the photography related Gadgets (which, of course, always includes Gizmos) you might have missed.


1 Gekko Gum

Nope, the Gekko Gum is not some sort of new green chewing gum, though it reminds a bit of something James Bond could keep in his pocket. Labelled as the quickest GoPro and Smartphone mount, the Gekko Gum can be used like the sticky Play-Doh you always were looking for, to put your cam wherever you want to. A set costs 15€ and can be ordered here.


2 Koova

This tiny winner of the 2017 CES Innovation Award is the can-do-all security camera for smart home aficionados. For example, it can say “Hello” to possible intruders which, one can imagine, is a good way to scare  them off. It also comes with a two-way communication feature and facial recognition. Currently on Kickstarter, the Koova will sell at $300.


3 ONA The Camouflage Bowery (Limited Edition)

This year camera bags finally became stylish, meaning that instead of choosing between the black backback X and the black backpack Y, photographers can now choose from a lot of different models that are more “compatible” to their lifestyles. Of course, leather camera bags lead the trend. Unfortunately, the limited “The Camouflage Bowery” from ONA has already been sold out.


4 LEICA Sofort

Oops, somehow I missed that LEICA has built an instant (German “sofort”) camera. And it’s really a shame because the camera, which is availabale in mint, orange and white, looks really awsome. The perfect gift for all your hipster friends!