Why has my photo or video been blocked?

From time to time, it may happen that you receive the message that your content has been blocked. Understandably, this can create a lot of confusion, open questions, and even anger. In this article, we will try to explain why photos and videos uploaded to SellNews are blocked sometimes, and what you can do to prevent this in the future.


1. First of all, let’s answer the one question lots of users have asked us. Why do we block totally innocent pictures coming from the original image creator?

As you might have noticed while checking our website, browsing our marketplace or downloading our app, SellNews is a marketplace for news photos and videos. The kind of content you see when you open a newspaper or watch the news on TV. So when you upload a photo or video of your baby, a tourist attraction, the neighbor’s dog, sunrises and sunsets, the chances of selling are next to nothing. (Except your baby is a hero, the tourist attraction was crowded by protestors, the neighbor’s dog can jump 10 feet high and the sunrise/sunset photo includes something like a tornado.)

2. So why don’t we just keep the images – just in case?

If we were to keep any photo/video, our marketplace would soon be crowded with content our buyers are not interested in, and this could eventually drive them away. Thus it’s for your own good to help us keep the platform “clean”.


How to sell on SellNews (click here for full view) by RK


3. Why not do it like all the others, have an applying process, quality control, before the user spends time uploading a batch of content?

At the moment, we hope that we can continue to be an easy-accessible and free platform for anyone with a camera. In news photography or videography, it’s not always the best shot that generates the highest sales, but the one that is the first on the market. Having an applying process and quality control before publishing would only waste time our sellers and buyers cannot afford. Thus, “blocking” is nothing else than the quality control other platforms do have in advance.

As said before, we rely on our community to help us clean the marketplace in order to keep on being accessible to anyone.

4. Your photo or video is newsworthy and we have blocked it?

Maybe we have a different concept of newsworthiness than you, other than that, there should be no reason to block your content. Maybe someone reported your content for other reasons, such as copyright infringement.

5. Does that mean that you cannot download content from the internet and upload it on SellNews?

You actually can but thankfully we have many users helping us in discovering stolen content. It should be clear that anyone uploading stolen content will be suspended without further warning.
(In case, you only were testing our platform, please delete the test content as soon as possible!)

6. Other marketplaces have accepted your photos/videos without a problem?

In this case, you are probably more of a stock photographer, right?
Of course, we still want you on our platform. Just use SellNews for your news photos/videos, the other marketplaces for your stock images.
By the way, to increase the chance to stumble upon something newsworthy, make sure you have set a location in your settings.

7. Apart from the lack of news value, why else will my content be blocked?

As mentioned, we do not care too much about artifacts, blemishes, noise, poor exposure etc.

Other reasons for blocking content are:
– manipulation (we know that you all love filters but that cannot be sold)
– poor quality (the quality must be really bad to be blocked)
– similar shots (if there is now way to tell them apart)
– borders (see: manipulation)
– watermark (all content uploaded is automatically watermarked)

8. Last but definitely not least, we will block unsuitable material. Please review our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, please send us an email to support@sellnews.com


PS: Of course, we won’t block content and then sell it on our own! Photos and videos uploaded to SellNews belong to you – and only you.