Tutorial: Sellnews App – Single and Multiple Uploads

Tutorial: Sellnews App – Single and Multiple Uploads

*BEFORE YOU GET STARTED: Please remember that multiple upload should only be used for images of the same event! This is also a tutorial for our IOS version of our app.*


Welcome to the Sellnews App! In our previous blogs we showed how to upload a single photo/video, as well as multiple uploads however, did you know Sellnews has an app? In this blog, we would like to offer our assistance in navigating through. New apps can be confusing the first time you try to understand their database, however, here at Sellnews we want to make sure it’s an effortless process! Please follow along with our steps listed below for a start to finish tutorial on how to upload newsworthy images.


Step One:

To begin your upload process, navigate to your Apple App store or Google Play store and download our app! In this tutorial we will be showing you the IOS version through Apple. However, here are links to both the Apple version and the Android version…

Android– https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sellnews.app.android&hl=en
IOS– https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sellnews-sell-photos-videos/id1107503056?mt=8

Make sure you are logged into your account. After you open the app, this page (shown below) will be the first one you see. You want to click upload (circled in red) button to begin the uploading process. The next screen (shown below) will be the area where you select which and how many photos and videos you would like to select for your posting. You can select/deselect by clicking on the blue checkmarks (circled in red). After this please select done.

Step Two:

Next, you will need to input the location of where the content was captured (red circle) Try to be as accurate as possible! This way if a media agency is looking for an event that took place at a certain location, you can rest assured they will be able to see your posing.

*Please note: When adding a location, this is to be the location where the content was shot at- city/state/country where the event, person, sport, activity was located while shooting. This is not intended for home addresses or where you are physically located while uploading your content.*

Next, the date the content was captured may sometimes be populated automatically, however, you will need to input the date if it doesn’t automatically populate. If you manually do it, please be as accurate as possible! If not, buyers might not be able to find you if they are looking for an event that took place on a specific date.

Tip: If all of your photos are from the same event you may choose to set the same location and date for all photos (circled in red). Doing so will save you time! 😉

Afterwards, please select “PROCEED”

Step Three:

First: This next page will allow you to add the title to your postings (red arrow). Make sure you add an informative and catchy title! Include the event and/or what the posting includes in the title. After adding your title you will see four more places where you will be able to input more in-depth information- media description, media category, hashtags and the ability to share through various social media channels.

Second: Please add a very detailed description, as it will apply to all your content you are uploading. Add as much information as possible in this spot. Adding as much detail regarding your content allows for media agencies and purchasers to have the best understanding of the who, what, when, and what this content is all about!

Third: After the description, you will be asked to select your media category (second photo). Please select the category that best fits with your posting.

Fourth:  Hashtags! Add relevant hashtags that apply to the content you’ve uploading.
Hint: The better the hashtags, the more likely your content is to be found.

Step Four:

After scrolling down, you will see a list of social media icons and which you can select to share your newly uploaded content with social media channels. By selecting to share with various media channels you will have a higher chance of being discovered by individuals who are looking for your type of content! So, it’s a good idea to share as much as much as possible. Selected channels will change from a color of grey to a light blue, you may deselect by clicking on the icon again, which will make the icon change back to grey.

After selecting media channels, you will need to agree to our Terms of Use to be able to upload your content. (circled in red) Please read our Terms of Use carefully to have a better understanding of Sellnews and what we are all about!

Once you double check to make sure all the areas are filled out correctly and you are happy with the information you have input into these sections, please select “POST” in the upper right hand of this page (red circle shown below) and you will officially have your content uploaded to our site successfully.