Community Guidelines

As a platform dedicated to encouraging free and unhindered citizen journalism, we at SellNews are firm believers in the protection of free speech. However, there are a few lines that need to be drawn in order to keep everything safe and legal.

Here are a few things we will not allow:

Gore, Mutilation, or Excessive Violence. We understand that some news images may be unsettling, and that this may be necessary to convey a certain message. However, any depictions of excessively bloody, gory, or violent scenes are not acceptable on our marketplace. If you are photographing an unsettling or violent scene, use your own judgment for how best to depict such events in a tactful way. And please, be respectful and avoid depicting corpses in your photos.

Minors. Our model release guidelines explain the legality of forgoing a model release for adult subjects, but the rules change a little bit regarding minors. Never post a photo of a minor without their consent and their parent’s, and for safety’s sake, having a signed release form would be helpful. And of course, absolutely no sexual content involving minors is permitted.

Plagiarism. By posting to our marketplace, you affirm that the content you have provided is your own creation and that you hold the rights to it. If we find that this is not the case, your account may be suspended.

Spam. Don’t post spam. Seriously. Your photos and videos can make plenty of money after one post. That said, if you have a few different shots of a particular event, your buyers would appreciate having a few options to choose from.

Advertisement. SellNews is not the place to advertise your personal business, event, product, or service. While it’s certainly not our place to determine what constitutes a newsworthy story, use your own judgement. If the story connected to your content starts to sound more like a commercial than a newspaper article, perhaps it is better suited to another platform.

And above all, remember…

Be Smart. Most of these Community Guidelines boil down to: “Use common sense.” If you feel like something might be unacceptable, there’s a good chance that you’re right. But as long as you’re not hurting anyone (including yourself!), abusing our service, or breaking any laws, then feel free to capture any moment you deem newsworthy – and have fun with it!