What is SellNews?


Make it complicated. Or make it with SellNews.

SellNews is an automated self-publishing marketplace for news photos and videos solving the three core problems news gatherers on the one end, and news creators on the other end, run into these days: Finding, identifying and licensing.

In an era of seemingly too much information, finding interesting news, identifying the creator and eventually licensing the content hasn’t changed much compared to the early days. In effect, news editors are presented with the choice to either put additional workload on journalists, build dedicated teams, or to rely entirely on external agencies if they don’t want to be left behind by the competition.

We want to change that so that you can purely concentrate on producing quality news.

And that’s how we work: News creators, such as mobile reporters, amateur photographers, professional photojournalists and freelance stringers, can set up an account at SellNews for free and upload their breaking news photos and videos in real-time using our iOS, Android and browser applications. The whole process only takes a few seconds so it’s theoretically possible that, from taking the photo or video to finally licensing it, only a few minutes will have passed.

The reason why photographers and filmmakers choose SellNews is the transparency of our business model.

There’s no account set up fee. No time stealing application process. No transfer of ownership while uploading. No revenue share of the profit. And no payment delay.

What we have is a user-friendly earnings calculation, an auto-watermarking system to secure rights even on social media, instant sales notifications, and constant access to licensing information, plus additional earning opportunities through our SellNews referral program and location-based jobs created by news agencies.

We won’t help you if rights clearance is your hobby, and we won’t definitely help you if paying instead of being paid is your thing. As we said, make it complicated. Or make it with SellNews.